Our philosophy
ShuttlePool and ShuttlePilot - a common system for more mobility.
ShuttlePool has for many years transregional Provider in the growth transfermarket. For example, every 5th passenger drives with the taxi to the airport. Moreover, since there is the Liberalization of regular service buses, a steadily growing clientele of travelers to various destinations and events.
Also, the growing ecological awareness will change the travel behavior, insofar as the nature of the transport is subject to constant change.
ShuttlePool face up to this change and provide together with our partners new mobility services. You as an entrepreneur can benefit from it, in which you with your service connecting to ShuttlePool and ShuttlePilot.
ShuttlePool places orders and receives a commission in the amount 12-15%. For scheduling of these orders use ShuttlePilot for free.
ShuttlePilot connects customers and companies.
Our philosophy Synergies Accounting
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